Use of colour Light Box in Textile Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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People who work in the textile industry must know the importance of Colour light box in their routine work process. As can be understood by the name, this colour matching cabinet allows the evaluation of textile colours. But what is the base?

Under different lighting conditions, a colour tends to appear differently. This is a natural phenomenon and is termed as Metamerism. Due to this, there arises a need for a standardised system with which this disparity can be identified and worked upon it.

In the past few years, the textile industry is growing like anything. Thus, there is a huge demand for testing instruments that could help in keeping the things standardised. Not only about the colour quality, but other factors like strength of yarn, bursting strength, pilling resistance etc. are also a major concern of the textile and garment manufacturers. It has become mandatory for the manufacturers to ensure the best production process and best quality control process.

Coming back to Metamerism, it has become a considerable problem for the material supplier, vendor and manufacturer. And somewhere, it is affecting the end customer too. Because the colour in the garment shop was completely different than it is appearing in the home. Due to the difference in the lighting conditions, the buyer gets disappointed. It becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to control the problem wherever it is possible.

Achieving consistency and stability in the work process is a great challenge. Utilising the right colour matching equipment can help in controlling the problem a lot. Colour light box is used in many industries to standardise the work process. It helps in evaluating the colour under different lights in one confined cabinet. The operator can rely on these devices and be confident about the colour quality of the product.

Apart from textile industries, it is used in other industries as well, like paint, printing, plastic, paper and many more.

Testronix’s colour matching cabinet is equipped with multiple light sources;

  • D65
  • Cool white fluorescent light
  • Tungsten filament light
  • Light at point of sale
  • UV light

The device is capable of matching different types of samples like leather, rexine, natural and synthetic fabrics. There are some guidelines issued by the cabinet to get the best match results. The analysis should be performed in dark room, by blinding all natural and artificial light sources.

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