TP800 Spectral Color Measurement for Limestone Applications

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Limestone is highly sellable material and is used in wide variety of industries, be it cosmetics or building materials. Beside these limestone is also known to be a major part of toothpaste and pharmaceutical drugs. Not many people know but limestone quality control includes key section for precision spectral color measurement. However, it is not an easy task. It is known to be the most challenging part when it comes to the quality assurance of limestone. This is because of its rough structure when it’s in raw form.

From here grows a demand for a reliable testing device such as TP 800 Portable spectrophotometerwhich can conduct accurate color analysis on raw limestone. Whatever the application is, limestone color assessment is a must. For instance baking soda, in which limestone is a key ingredient, the manufacturers assure that the color of powder form limestone which is to be mixed in the main product must have the same color consistency throughout the entire batch. A small amount of color modification may indicate contamination as per consumer perception.

In building material, where limestone rocks are used as flooring tiles or floor fillers, one needs to be sure that the material used show a constant color consistency or else it can disturb the overall appearance of the flooring. This also goes in case of toothpaste where the mixed limestone must not disturb the color consistency of the paste.

The hi-tech and improved system for precision color measurement with TP800 can resolve the issues with rapid and easy color assessment. The device is accessorised by color measuring accessories such as universal test component which can be purchased on request. It is used for measuring color of material in liquid, paste or powder form.

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