TP 60CP – Best & Portable Solution to Measure the Colors of Preforms Plastics

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Preforms are the basic material which is used to produce PET plastic bottles. These bottles are prepared after the blow molding process of the Preforms to give appropriate shape to the preforms to produce the final product. The Preforms are the basic material which is responsible for the quality of the PET products.  If the quality of the preform is not up to the mark, there will be the less possibility to produce the perfect quality of PET bottles.  The manufacturers of PET bottles must use only best quality of Preforms with zero defects to produce high-quality of final products. The major attribute of the Preforms that explains its quality is the Color. The color quality of the Preform helps to explain the quality of the PET product. If the color of the pet bottle is not appealing, customers will consider as the inferior quality of products and will reject the product.  To ensure the color vibrancy of the products, the manufacturers must test the color vibrancy of the Preform Plastics Colour Measurement. This can be tested using high-quality of tp60cp color measurement instruments.

Color Measurement Solution for Preform Plastics – TP 60CP Color Measuring Instruments

Testronix offers high quality of color measurement solution to measure the color quality and consistency of the Preforms. TP 60CP is one of the widely used color measurement instrument which is used to measure the color quality of Preform plastics. Preforms are opaque, translucent and transparent in nature which depicts different colors. To test the color consistency of all types of preforms, TP60cp color measuring instruments is the best testing device. To know in detail about the product, visit:

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