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A variety of products are manufactured on a daily basis in the manufacturing industry throughout the world. These products are produced comprise of both organic and inorganic constituents at one time and the compositions of various products vary. This composition is extremely important. The manufacturers are aware of these compositions and they have to ensure the quality of the products as well so as to provide high durability products in the market. One of the most crucial problems faced in today’s world by the manufacturers is that the quantity of the inorganic substance in a specific product. Hence it is utmost important to perform the test of these products so as to ensure superlative quality and durability of the products. The most suitable instrument which can be used is the muffle furnace which.

A sample which has been predefined is placed inside the chamber and the door is them closed. The temperature and time can be set by the user according to the standards and requirements.

After the testing procedure comes to an end the user can analyse the inorganic substance quantity by weighing the sample. Weighing must be done before the combustion of organic matter. This difference measured in the matter weight is the quantity of inorganic substance which can be easily calculated.

Testronix offers high quality and latest technology muffle furnace with the latest features. It also provides insulation so as to prevent heat loss.

The j-type sensor is another feature which is used for accurate calculation of temperature. An accurate PID Control setup for controlling the temperature is used so as to provide precise results. The glass wool insulation blanket is a high grade material used. Due to the above features testronix muffle furnace is the best option for manufactures.
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