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We all know that colours will have a direct impact on the visual appeal of the products. Whether it's a textile products manufacturing firm or a paper products manufacturing firm, it is important for the product manufacturers to test the consistency of colours present in the products. Accurate colour matching fosters trust and credibility by demonstrating attention to detail of the product. It not only enhances customer satisfaction but also aids in ensuring that the correct product will be delivered to the customers. To make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct a colour-matching test on the materials, we at Testronix have designed high-quality lab testing equipment known as a colour-matching cabinet.

This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that can be used to assess the colour accuracy of the product and help the manufacturers in avoiding the problem of Metamerism. In this blog, we will discuss brief information about the use of colour-matching cabinets in assessing the colour quality of products. We will also list some useful tips to use colour-matching cabinets efficiently.

Assess the colour quality of products efficiently with colour matching cabinet

As we have discussed above color matching is one of the essential steps that will be performed on the materials before delivering them to the customers. By ensuring consistent colour matching throughout their products, companies can convey reliability, superior craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Inaccurate colours present in the product will not only lead to a high rate of Metamerism and also affect the quality of the material. To ensure that your products remain Metamerism-free, we at Testronix Testing Instruments have designed high-quality lab testing equipment known as colour-matching cabinets.

With the use of this high-quality colour testing machine, manufacturers can ensure that they maintain the same consistency in all batches of materials produced by them. Hence there is an urgent need to test and match the colour of their products.

The colour-matching cabinet comes with different light sources that simulate the various lighting condition during the usage of products. All these light sources simulate the actual ambient lighting in different conditions and hence help in the testing of the colour quality of the products.

This lab testing equipment will work perfectly for testing the colours of the products accurately. You can read more on using colour-matching cabinets perfectly.

Now, let us discuss brief information about the features of this quality testing equipment.

Features of Presto colour-matching cabinet

The Testronix colour matching cabinet offers a range of exceptional features to enhance your colour assessment processes. With standardized and controlled lighting conditions, it ensures consistent and accurate colour evaluations. This colour-matching box boasts a wide viewing area, allowing for the simultaneous inspection of multiple samples.

The utilization of high-quality light sources guarantees precise colour rendering and reliable results. Complying with prominent standards such as ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, and DIN 6173, this cabinet ensures that your colour assessments align with internationally recognized norms, making it an indispensable tool for your lab testing instrument needs.

With these high-end features and technical specifications of the colour-matching cabinets, manufacturers can easily ensure accurate products will be delivered to the customers. You can also read about the importance of colour matching in different industries.

Now, let us discuss some useful tips to use colour-matching cabinets accurately.

Top 5 tips to make sure your colour matching cabinet provides accurate testing results

A colour-matching cabinet is important testing equipment for anyone who wants to deliver products accurately without getting the problem of mismatched colours. It allows you to create an accurate colour match, which can save you time and money in the long run. If you're not sure how to use a colour-matching cabinet, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Whenever you make use of the Testronix colour matching cabinet then you need to make sure that the lamps should change after every 2000 hours of the recorded time.

  • Another useful tip you should always remember is that the cabinet should always be kept clean.

  • Also, no direct light should be present in the field of view as it may deteriorate the testing results.

  • Another important tip to remember while using colour matching cabinet is that you should never put your hand inside it.

  • Never see the U.V.B. Light directly, when illuminated.

With these useful tips, manufacturers can easily use colour-matching cabinets and deliver Metamerism-free products to customers. If you want to know more about this quality testing equipment like colour matching cabinet price, technical specifications or other related information then give us a call at +919313 140140 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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