Test The Color Of Food With Great Accuracy With Testronix Colorimeters

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color checkers are widely used testing instruments in various industries for the purpose of testing the quality and composition of various materials and products. The instrument gives the measure of the absorbance or transmittance or absorbance of the products. The colorimeters is a class of color checkers that work on the basis of the visible region of the electromagnetic radiations that helps in testing the color quality and concentration of the test specimen.

The Testronix colorimeter is one of the best instruments that are used with much ease for exact color measurement of various specimens. The color measurement is done by placing the sample inside the cuvette. The illuminating source emits the light of visible range that falls on the specimen. On the other side of the cuvette, the detector is present that detects the amount of light that has been absorbed or transmitted by the specimen. This calculation data obtained from the detector is further used for analyzing the properties and features of the test specimen used during the test procedure.

Highlights of Testronix Colorimeter

  1. The instrument is provided with variable viewing geometries such as d/8, 450, 00.
  2. The illumination source that is used in the instrument is Blue LED light.
  3. Silicone photodiode array sensor allows the users with better and more sensitive analysis of light.

Technical Specifications of Testronix Colorimeter

  1. The instrument can be operated for different color spaces such as CIE L*a*b, XYZ, LCh, CIE LUV.
  2. The color difference formula that is used for calculation of color space include ΔE* ab, ΔE( h) , ΔE* uv, ΔE* 94, ΔE*cmc ( 2: 1) , ΔE*cmc ( 1: 1) , ΔE* 00.
  3. The instrument comes with USB connectivity which enables the device to connect to a computer.
  4. A very high rate of repeatability along with ΔE* ab 0. 03as well as an average of 30.56.


The instrument offered by Testronix adheres completely to the color testing standards such as ASTM D 1209, ASTM D 1544, ASTM D 156. These standards are meant to provide the exact guidelines that are required for testing the color with accurate measurement.

Usage of Colorimeters in Food Industry

The colorimeters are widely used in the food industry. The color of food is related to its quality and ingredients. This is why the manufacturers need to ensure that the colors of their products are of best quality. The Testronix colorimeters are best for testing the color of the food products which in turn helps in ensuring the best quality of food products delivered to consumers.

Benefit Of Testronix Colorimeter For Users

The Ergonomic design and lightweight of the instrument makes it possible for the users to use it much easy. The highly advanced sensor array given with the instrument makes it possible for the manufacturers to ensure the best accuracy of the test results.

The instruments offered by Testronix are best for testing colors in industries which provide accurate test measurements along with high rate of repeatability.

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