Color Impact of Paint and Coatings on Our Buying Decision

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Colors influence 59%-79% of purchase decisions of the customers. We find paints and coatings everywhere such as homes, offices, walls, furniture etc. Colors possess a great impact on the psychology of buyers. Cars have a variety of coatings applied to it. Many types of equipment, pipelines, building exteriors, monuments etc. are painted with a variety of paints and coatings. Coatings can be seen on DVDs and CDs, fruits and vegetables reading glasses, cell phones etc. Paints and coatings are not very important product abut they are useful to make our products attractive, durable, safe and more saleable. It adds value to manufactured products. Can you think of products without paint in it, such as teakwood furniture having no finish on it? Thin coats of paint or varnish make the product full of life and more acceptable.

Color Matching Machine is measuring instrument used to compare and control the quality of colors and substrates. Reproducible conditions are important to the standardised and repeatable color matching cabinet. Daylight can be used to check the light quality but its light spectrum varies with respect to time of day and location. Therefore, there is a need to have color matching areas that use artificial daylight.

Manufacturers in Paint and coating industries must manufacture high quality coatings to provide the best appearance to the products. It can be achieved by measuring the quality of color that is added to the paints and coatings at each and every level of production.  Many measuring devices are used to measure the color of paint and coatings.

Some of the methods applied in the industries to measure the color quality of the products are:

  • Visually analysing samples from several batches are taken and measured collectively with the standard plate swatch.
  • After the evaluation of the color of each individual lot with the swatch, the color intensity and quality of coatings are evaluated.
  • The test method of visual evaluation is an easy method but is inaccurate.

To avoid such conditions, manufacturers must use the Color matching booth to measure the colors accurately.

Paint and coating color measurement devices are the best means which is used in all paint manufacturing industries. It measures the colors of the product accurately. They are easy to use and helps to inspect the color quality of paints like spectrophotometer, color matching light box etc.

To buy paint and coatings color measurement devices, it is preferable to buy from a reputed manufacturer who manufactures their products according to international standards.

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