Provide Efficient Color Measurement System to Painters

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color matching is the major problem that arises with the painters. Color painters are using various sources such as color books and chip books to include variety in paints. The colors have expanded to the manifold in recent years such as tinted clears, pearls, mica metallic etc.

Successful Color Matching – A Problem

The problem of successful color matching is influenced by the fact that color itself is the perception. Industries are trying hard to bring order of human color perception. For instance, let’s imagine that an auto manufacturer assembles an interior with blue parts from many suppliers if there were no objective way to evaluate color.

Spectrophotometer – The Solution

To solve the problem, the spectrophotometer can be used by the industry to fix standards and monitor quality related to color. The instrument is common in paint and manufacturing but in the last few years, they are available for direct help to painters in collision repair facilities. To provide a color measurement system to painters, the refinement and development of the measurement instrument itself, the Spectrophotometer was used. Many improvements and refinements in this process are taking place continuously to painters over the years.

  1. Ease of Color Comparison

Spectrophotometers have several benefits for matching colors, matching solid colors and for use in fleets. Factory color codes are not meant for custom color change. A spectrophotometer provides an easy formula in place of providing many color chips and comparing it with the closest one.

Fleet vehicles are painted with particular corporate colors. These colors are displayed by standard manufacturer formula. The company that owns the fleet needs to check that the color on their vehicles falls within a specified tolerance.


  1. Integral Light Source

All spectrophotometers are used in refinish which have an integral internal light source. This helps to use outside under any light condition whether day or night. Its use inside is unaffected by fluorescent or many other lighting sources.


  1. Rechargeable Battery

It has a rechargeable battery to be operated either in the field or the car. They measure hue, chroma and lightness of paints. It assigns a numerical value to each of these. Through computer search the paint manufacturer’s database for the formula or paint code that provides the closest match.


  1. Durable, Portable, Cheaper

Modern UV Spectrophotometers are durable, portable and cheaper. It gives the most effective method of color analysis. It has a wider range of usage by providing the ability to view beyond the human range of vision and in the UV range.

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