Significance of Cupping Machine in Metal Industry

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The Cupping Test is one of the reliable tests to determine the ductility of metal as it provides the most accurate and reliable test results. Ductility is the ability of a material to deform before collapse or breakout. This testing instrument provides results on metal sheets, adhesion, strips, hardness of coating of paint, etc. to detect the bending, scratching, etc.

If you are searching for the Best Quality Cupping Machine for your business that should be light on the pocket as well, then you are at the right place at Testronix Instruments. A reliable and trusted name in the field of testing instruments, Testronix Instruments complies with ISO & ASTM standards to ensure the best quality tools. The Cupping Machine by Testronix is the most appreciated testing tool which provides precise and accurate results on testing.

Working Module of Cupping Machine

The principle and the working module of the cupping test are so simple. In this test, the ductility of the metal is detected while measuring the depth of the cup. It includes placing of metal sheet and punching a hemispherical punch into the sheet with a force until a crack appears on it. A hard metal will result in less depth and a fine shape of the cup whereas; a ductile metal will show a high indent and a rough shape of the cup.

The investment in the quality testing machine is a rewarding thing in any business. Therefore choosing Testronix Instruments for the Cupping Machine would become the best decision for your business. Get the globally accredited testing tools that are quality assured in terms of material and test results.

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Testronix Instruments is best known for its hi-tech testing instruments that deliver excellence in precise resulting data. The company holds appreciation from many manufacturers for the quality testing machines and ethical business deals. Moreover, the company assures guaranteed satisfaction on choosing the testing instruments for your business.

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