Producing Toys with More Improved Colors

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Plastic plays a vital role in contributing towards the production in several verticals. They can even take up amusing shapes and sizes to attract the customers and become a source of entertainment, i.e. plastic toys. And when we say toys color become very important. The major line customer of toys are children, they don’t go for quality they go by their choice and the shine, the glow in the toy product.

Assume that a small kid is there to buy a toy n the retailer shop and is not able to decide, then on subjecting to the situation, the shopkeeper rakes a really glossy toy and offer him to buy that. May that is a cartoon character he may not liken even but still the kid will opt for that. How it happened?

Plastic Gloss has a major impact on the customer’s brain especially children. They can easily estimate that the toy which is shining more is good. Even the parents agree. With gloss factor being the major point of completion, manufacturer needs to assure that the product gloss measurement is done using precision test devices.

The Gloss meter helps in testing the gloss level and capability of material surface. The major principle at which the device works is the measurement of surface reflectance angle. Equipped with distinct viewing angles and operation is based on software. The device evaluate the surface gloss and tells how much reflectance level is present, what is need to be done and how much.

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