Plastic Pallets Color Measurement

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The Plastic pallets are used in several industry for carrying or keeping objects. They are the flat platforms on which objects can be kept or can be used to transport it from one place to another. They have a huge application in industrial manufacturing units, in companies, in houses, schools and market area. You may have seen the instruments and tools kept on the plastic pallet in factories but have you noticed that these pallets are usually very colorful.

That is because, the segregation is required. The blue rack have sharp tools and yellow have precision tools. Now the labours are not that knowledgeable that they can differentiate between tools by watching them. So, they will just find for the yellow colored rack and when they get near to that they see it is looking like orange and may be don’t select it.

The plastic pallet color measurement is an important thing to do here, the fault comes from the manufacturer end or the coating process, while coloring the object no one took care of the color codes and just painted it due to which it appears more as light orange than yellow.

To conduct precise color detection use plastic color measurement instruments. Using such devices one can be sure of the plastic pallet color they develop. They can assure the customer about their coating process. The range includes a complete automated set of instruments and gloss meter.

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