Paint, Plating & Coating Testing Instruments For Improving Quality

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Industries use a lot of coatings and painting or plating procedures in order to make their products durable and everlasting. These paints and coatings are used on a variety of surfaces like plastics, ferrous materials, polymers, and many more such surfaces that are used across industries on innumerable products. Polymer materials have a tendency to get damaged due to years of outdoor usage that directly affect product life. Similarly, the ash content of a specimen is also tested for the product’s endurance and the scratch hardness tester conducts tests related to resistance. This is where the role of paint, plating, and coating testing instruments comes into play.

It is important to make sure that the surface of your product will be as strong and polished-looking as possible. This means you need a quality coating for protection, adhesion, color matching with other surfaces in the natural world around us (such as metal), resistance against corrosion, or environmental factors like moisture.

In order to prevent any defects on post-production, you can at least determine what causes issues and failures during production. For this, it's critical that we verify appropriate characteristics of coatings such as thickness hardness adhesion to substrate weather-resistant coloring, etc.

Paint, Plating, and Coating Testing Instruments are used to test the quality, depth, and other kinds of conditions in order to find the durability of the product.

In order to do a chemical analysis of the surface protection layers, depending on the type of coating, several analytical techniques may be used such as:

  1. Inorganic or Metallic Coatings: This requires SEM/EDS analysis
  2. Organic Coatings (paint): This requires FT-IR analysis

In short, the type of analysis and testing that needs to be carried out typically depends on the customer to customer. This is why Testronix Instruments has a wide range of products that are applicable to various types of Paint, Plating, and Coating Testing requirements.

Why you should make use of Paint, Plating, and Coating Testing Instruments?

The tests carried out by these testing instruments determine the quality of coatings or paint and plating that help in preventing defects in post-production or to know the causes of defects that can be rectified. These failures that may occur on the products are important to be verified so as to produce the best product with an excellent finished look and feel. The characteristics that determine the painted products and coatings are ascertained with regard to the following:

  • Thickness
  • Hardness
  • Adhesion to the substrate
  • Color
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to climatic agents

The testing machines need to be used after bearing in mind the scope of use of the product as well as the periodicity of its usage. Paint, Plating, and Coating Testing Instruments by Testronix show a qualitative and user-centric approach in order to carry out testing. These testing machines are easy to use and are much in demand for the entire range of testing instruments.


Preventing defects in post-production is a top priority for any industrial coating or paint manufacturer. Thankfully, with the right testing instruments, you can identify and stop these issues before they happen. If you’re looking to make sure your products are up to snuff, then you should use our wide range of paint, plating, and coating testing instruments. We offer free consultations on our paint, plating, and coating inspection services so that we can help get you started down the path of preventing defects in your production process.

Furthermore, you can prevent defects of post-production with these testing instruments. These testing instruments will also be helpful in eliminating the problems caused due to the production of the product. With the help of Testronix Testing Instruments, you will get ahead of your competitors by relatively testing your products and eliminating the errors.

At Testronix Testing Instruments, we know how hard it can be to test your products right. We're here to help you do so with ease and deliver quality results that will ensure customer satisfaction. If you need any more assistance in the product testing process, give us a call at +91 9313 140 140 or fill out our contact form on our website. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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