Improve the Quality of Plastics with The Melt Flow Index Tester

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Plastic is an inseparable part of our lives and without plastics, it is not possible to function. There are many reasons why plastics have become more popular Such as. Another possible reason is that it is not reactive. It is inert to most of the chemicals hence can be used in chemically active environments without any hassle. There are different kinds of plastics available and their properties vary.

Plastics are mainly categorized in two different categories

  • Thermoplastics
  • Thermosetting plastics

The main difference between these two types of plastics thermoplastics can be melted and recycled in to new products by heating them at a certain temperatures but when it comes to thermosetting plastics, once formed cannot be melted back. The thermosetting plastics have applications where there is a high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. On the other hand, the have an application where there is a need for high strength as well as flexibility.

Polymethyl Methacrylate

Polymethyl Methacrylate is a poplar type of plastic that is broadly utilized in the optics business for making focal points and straightforward screens. This kind of plastic can be transformed into fluorescent and shaded optics. The primary application also consists of plastic incorporate UV resilience, non-glare, projectile opposition, etc.


This plastic is additionally named as designing plastic which has the advantages such as strength, stability and rigidity. The best property about the polycarbonate is that it is clear and is transparent.


Polyethylene is perhaps one of the most widely used on earth. It can be modified into various densities and strength subsequently, further it is utilized for an assortment of purposes. Each unique thickness of the Polyethylene gives it distinctive actual properties.

  • LDPE or low thickness polyethylene is malleable and adaptable. It is utilized for making items like shopping bags, plastic bags, clear food containers, disposable packaging and so forth.
  • MDPE or medium thickness polyethylene is the one that has relative more polymer chains and consequently has higher thickness than LDPE. This is used for making flexible pipes, shrink films, carry bags and so forth.
  • HDPE or High thickness polyethylene is more inflexible than the LDPE and MDPE and can be utilized for making water pipes, bottles, furniture and other high strength items.
  • UHMWPE or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is slightly denser than HDPE but has a greater abrasion resistance because of the presence of extremely longer polymer chains. This type of plastic is used for making body medical prosthetics, hydraulic seals and so forth.


It is a thermoplastic polymer that is utilized all over the globe and is manufactured by many producers. The polypropylene is more adaptable when contrasted with polyethylene and has more durability and strength.  This type of plastic is mainly used for making lab equipment and apparatus. It is also used for making automobile parts and medical devices

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

This is the plastic that has a place with the polyester family and has wide use in the packaging businesses. It is utilized for making food containers PET bottles as it is durable and affordable

PVC or Polyvinyl chloride

PVC is known for its adaptable properties and high strength. It is used for making electrical cable insulations, water and drainage pipes and much more.

As plastics have a diverse application in the industry the manufacturers have to ensure the flow properties of plastics and have to maintain quality of the products manufactured by them. They have to ensure durability. One such method to test the flow rate of plastic when subjected to extreme temperature is the melt flow index test

The melt flow index test provides us with the analysis regarding various physical and chemical properties of the plastics and helps in deciphering the quality of various types of plastics. The melt flow index of a plastic is defined as the amount of melted plastic that can pass through.

In order to measure the melt flow index of a plastics precisely, the best equipment used for the test procedure is the melt flow index tester.

The melt flow index tester manufactured by testronix is one of the most high-quality instrument and provides accurate and instant test results. The instrument also consists of a temperature controller which helps in maintaining and setting the.

By Determining the MFI of the plastic manufacturers can easily analyse the various properties of the plastic which they have been manufacturing. This helps them in improving on the quality of the product/ type of plastic manufactured by them and proving their customers with nothing but the best.

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