Calculating the Melt Flow Index Using the Best Instrument

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Plastics are widely used in all industries throughout the world as they have an extensive application in every industries. Due this usage testing the quality of plastic is utmost necessary. The quality assessment and the flow properties of all plastics must be calculated beforehand. This assessment can assist manufacturers in improving the quality of plastics which are being supplied by them.

The equipment used to calculate the flow index must be highly accurate and must comprise of the best and the latest technology for the procedure to be successful.

The melt flow index tester is one of the most important properties of a plastic that assist the manufacturers in analysing the behaviour and the molecular structure of the polymeric materials when exposed to extreme temperatures. The manufactures must ensure the quality of the product hence they must choose the correct melt flow index tester which will provide them accurate results.

According to various researches the best method to test the flow index of plastic is to perform the Melt flow index test on plastic granules. It is considered to be the most accurate and user friendly approach.

Testronix Instruments understands this requirement of manufacturers and hence has been manufacturing the best quality melt flow index tester and has created a name for itself in the plastic manufacturing industry
The equipment manufactured by Testronix adheres to various test standards such as ASTM D1238 – 13, ASTM D2839 – 10, IS 2530 (1963), IS 10810-1984 (Part 23), IS 2267 – 1995

Testronix melt flow index tester- standard operating procedure

  1. This consists of Switching on the machine and initiating the process for an accurate testing procedure.
  2. Set the temperature on the digital display and initiate the pre-heating process for precise results.
  3. The instrument will attain the temperature which has been set by the user over a period of time.
  4. Once the instrument has attained the temperature set by the user the procedure to calculate the melt flow index has begun.
  5. Put the plastic granules in the barrel.
  6. Poke the granules with the piston once they successfully fit the barrel. Keep pressing the granules inside the barrel this remove the air between the granules.
  7. Now place the dead weight on it into the barrel to apply pressure on the granules.
  8. Once the plastic starts melting it flows from the bottom of the machine.
  9. Once the time decided before hand is complete the user has to manually cut the plastic flow.
  10. Weigh the melted sample using a testronix weighing balance. The MFI can be calculated using the following formula.

The formula for calculation of MFI:
MFI = Weight of test in grams/10 min.


Testronix Instruments melt flow index provides the most accurate and precise data for plastics. It is an easy to operate instrument. Testronix has always ensured the quality of the instruments manufactured. The melt flow index is a premium equipment and has a powder coated finish.

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