Improve box handling process against vibration with vibration table

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Are you tired of dealing with quality challenges due to vibrations that can damage your product in between shipping and transportation? Packages endure various stages of transportation, from rough handling during loading and unloading to being subjected to constant vibrations while in transit. By subjecting packages to rigorous vibration tests, manufacturers can ensure that their products withstand the harsh realities of real-world shipping conditions, thereby minimizing potential damages or failures that may arise during transport. These tests simulate different vibration frequencies and intensities experienced by packages. By using a high-quality vibration table, manufacturers can easily test the boxes against vibrations and calculate the damage caused by repetitive movement of boxes.

In this blog, we are going to discuss brief information about how you can easily handle the packages against vibrations by testing them with a vibration testing chamber.

Introduction to Vibration Tables and their Importance in Materials Handling

Vibration tables, also known as vibration testing chambers a specialized equipment that has been designed to aid in materials handling processes by subjecting objects to controlled vibrations. Our vibration testing instrument has been made as per standards including ASTM D999, TAPPI T-17, IS 7028(part II). This will give highly accurate lab testing results.

By testing the packages against vibrations, manufacturers can easily test the strength and durability of boxes and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers. A vibration table becomes necessary to test whether or not boxes can resist extreme pressure and vibration during transportation.

You can easily unlock the power of the vibration table for testing product quality against vibrations. This testing instrument is designed to meet your lab testing needs with precision and reliability. It offers highly accurate test results across a range of frequency settings, ensuring the utmost confidence in your testing processes.

The digital timer allows you to set precise test run times, enhancing efficiency. Sample slippage protection is ensured with rails on all sides, providing a secure testing environment.

The table's strong base plate and rugged structure guarantee durability and stability during tests. With adjustable frequency and feather-touch controls, you have the flexibility and ease of operation you need for your lab testing instrument requirements.

Importance of Vibration Tables in Materials Handling

Vibration tables have become more sophisticated and efficient in enhancing the overall productivity of materials handling operations.

  1. Accurate Vibration Analysis: One of the primary reasons why vibration tables are crucial in materials handling is their ability to provide accurate vibration analysis. By precisely controlling the frequency and amplitude of vibrations, these tables can ensure that materials are handled efficiently without causing any damage or spillage.
  2. Simulating Real-Life Conditions: One of the main reasons why vibration tables are essential for accurate analysis is their ability to replicate real-life conditions. A vibration table can produce vibrations that closely resemble what a product would experience during transportation or usage. By subjecting products to these simulated conditions, manufacturers can gather valuable data about their performance and identify potential weaknesses or flaws that need to be addressed.
  3. Identify potential flaws present in the products: By subjecting packages to vibration tests that simulate real-world conditions during transit, businesses can identify potential weaknesses or design flaws that may compromise the safety and quality of their products.

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