Measure the Color of Food & Beverages with Portable Spectrophotometers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Spectrophotometers are the widely used color measuring devices that can evaluate the color of different things efficiently. Color controlling units, designers, manufacturers, and manufacturers make use of highly advanced methods of spectroscopy to communicate color, and to monitor the accuracy of the colors throughout the production process. These devices are used to measure the colors of anything including, solids, liquids, such as papers, plastics, beverages, sauces, food items, chemicals, fabrics, etc. and help to ensure the color consistency from production till it is delivered to the customer or till it is used/consumed by the consumer.

TP 800 Portable Spectrophotometer by Testronix

It is the world’s best and highly portable color measurement device which is designed keeping in mind the advanced principles of LED precision spectroscopy. The instrument easily separates the luminance according to the wavelength interval and performs the accurate analysis by making use of its silicon photodiode array-type sensor. The device not only measures some specific color measurement values such as Delta E or L*a*b* value of color space but also provides the spectral reflectance curve that helps to measure the color matching parameters and measure the real factors of color formulas.

Spectral Reflectance Curve 


Highlights of Testronix’s TP 800 Spectrophotometer

Testronix’s Spectrophotometer offers highly accurate and reliable color measurement results as it is designed with LED light source.  It is equipped with a highly –effective silicon photodiode array type sensor. The user can observe the samples with the amazing testing device from the orientation of 2 Degree and 10 Degree. It is a light-weighted instrument of 600g. The device is equipped with a lamp that can execute more than 1.6 million tests easily. It has 5-inch thin film transistor display screen. The best part of the device is that it can save 15000 sample test results in its memory. The device offers combined LED light source. 

Specifications & Standards

The aperture size of the device is 8nm. The wavelength range of the instrument is 400 – 700 nanometers. It comprises of 10 nm of wavelength pitch. The device offers the reflectance range of 0-200%. The portable spectrophotometer works on following color spaces: XYZ, CIE LAB, YXZ, CIE LUV, LCh, and LAB & WI & YI where WI is considered as per AATCC, CIE/ISO, ASTM E313, and YI – as per ASTM D1925?ASTM 313.

Use of Spectrophotometer in Food & beverage Industries

The manufacturers in Food and Beverage Industries have to collect many ingredients and colors from different sources before they start the production process. These ingredients can be raw materials, spices, essence, colors and many more. The color of all these components needs to be analyzed using spectrophotometers to ensure the standard color of the end product to avoid cut down times, wastage of material, time and efforts.

Benefits of Spectrophotometer in Food & Beverage Industry

The Spectrophotometers are used in Food & Beverage Industries that helps the manufacturers in ensuring that their products are best in terms of color and contributes to change the buying behavior of the customers and grab the attention of the consumers to buy the product.

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