Enhance The Quality Of Flour With Portable Spectrophotometers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The texture of the product and color are extremely important for the customers to identify the quality and hygiene. Similarly, in flour mills, flour goes through a long process of color enhancement and measurement procedures so that it can fulfill the expectations of a vast number of customers. These measuring checks are done on the basis of customer’s demand. At the time of milling, the endosperm is segregated from the bran and the ash content of the bran provides the suggestions for performing this process in an efficient manner. The huge quantity of ash content implicates high bran content which is a direct indication of flour grade. From a different variety of wheat, the color is the best indicator that explains the quality of the flour and these measurements are a must for the miller to inspect the quality of the flour and to enhance the demand for the flour in the market.

Use of Color Measurement Strategies in Flour Milling Industries

Color Measurement using color checkers and portable spectrophotometers are used on a large scale on milling industries to maintain the color quality of the flours. These instruments are identically behaving on individual color spaces such as CIE L*a*b*, L*a*b*c*h*, and many more.

Color Measurement of Flour using TP 800 CIE L*a*b* Tristimulus

Testronix Color Measurement Instrument TP 800 spectrophotometer is the best measuring device which is used in milling industries for color measurement of flour. The instrument works in the d/8 geometry and possesses an integrated sphere size of diameter 58 mm. The device works on the principle of LED precision spectroscopy.  The test box of 50 mm diameter is filled with the sample of flow and fitted gently until the air gaps are removed and flour is leveled in the box. The depth of the flour can be maximum up to 25mm. The results from the color measurement instrument are reported as the delta E value, L*a*b* value and also depicts the spectral reflectance curve which clearly analyze the color matching parameters and calculate the real factors of color formulas. The device helps to observe the specimen from 2 Degree or 10-degree orientation.

  • L* explains the lightness or brightness of the sample with the values 100 white, 0 black
  • a* reveals the existence of sample on red and green axis with the values +60 red, -60 green.
  • b* indicates the presence of a sample color on blue and yellow axis with the values +60 yellow, -60 blue.

Standards of Testronix’s TP 800 Portable Spectrophotometer

The portable spectrophotometer works on the basis of following color spaces: XYZ, Yxz, CIE LAB, CIE LUV, LCh, LAB&WI&YI where WI. These colors space measures the colors of the samples accurately as mentioned in the standards that are provided by standardization authorities such as ASTM E313, AATCC, Hunter, CIE/ISO, and YI – as per ASTM D1925?ASTM 313.

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