Measure The Colors Of Pharmaceutical Liquids And Syrups With Tp 810 Spectrophotometer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Pharmaceutical liquids and products such as mixtures, syrups, and solutions are used to treat the patients as it is difficult to swallow tablets and gel capsules. These liquids products are generally packed in different colors of containers that help the customers to recognize the bottle of the specific medicine easily. The major brands that deals in manufacturing pharmaceuticals liquids all over the world understand the facts that colors of the products has a prominent role that influences the buying decisions of the customers. That is why most of the reputed pharmaceutical industries pay great emphasis on the colors of the liquids and the syrups that can entice the consumers to buy the product. Along with choosing the right color to manufacture the product, it is necessary to measure the consistency and the quality of the products.

Type of Pharmaceutical Liquids

There are various types of syrups and liquids that are manufactured using different color. The color consistencies of these syrups are measured with the help of highly effective pharmaceutical liquid color measurement instrument.

Opaque liquids

Opaque liquids are the liquids that do not permit the light to pass through them. Hence, it would be best for the user to use a reflectance type color measurement device as these devices are provided with the viewing angle of 45o/0o that accurately analyze the quality of the colors.

Translucent liquids

Translucent liquids provide different degree of translucency that requires different color measurement solutions. For translucent liquids, the reflectance and transmittance type instruments will work as per the level of translucency which is displayed by the test sample.

Transparent Liquids

The transparent liquids are the ones that permit the light to pass easily through them with little or no interruptions. For this kind of liquids, only transmittance type instruments should be used to assess the quality of the colors.

Testronix, a well-known manufacturer of testing instruments, offers a broad range of pharmaceutical liquids color measurement instruments to test the quality of pharmaceutical liquids.

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