Importance of Colours in Pharmaceutical Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The pharmaceutical industry is very crucial, every component is chosen carefully. And, when it comes to the colour coding of the medicines, there is a huge set of guidelines to be followed. The guidelines are issued by relative authorities to keep a tab on the drug counterfeiting and usage of harmful colours. Some of the popularly used colours are white, blue, green, red and brown. These colours are made up of either natural or synthetic substances. Pharmaceutical colour measurement is crucial as a colour formulation for drugs require a lot of considerations.

Colour does have a psychological impact on the human that also results in fast healing. And, in case of paediatric drugs, colours are often combined with the flavours to make the consumption easy. In such cases, it becomes important that colour relates to the flavour naturally. Colour Measurement and control is necessary for achieving the consistency in the application of pharmaceutical dyes.

Importance of Colours in Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Colourful medicines have a psychological effect on the patients and help them in early recovery.
  • Colour, shape and size of a drug eliminate the risk of counterfeiting.
  • Colours help in easy identification of the drugs and following the prescription in right manner.
  • Right colour coding helps in identifying counterfeit drugs.
  • Brings in the brand identification.

Consequences of Ignorance

Like mentioned before, the pharmaceutical is a very critical industry and requires utmost precision and caution with the production of drugs. Authorities like FDA keep rolling guidelines to makes the products safer for the consumer while defeating the drug counterfeiting. Failure to comply the regulation may result in fatal consequences to the consumer and cancellation of licenses of production. This is why every aspect is to be taken care of, be it as small as colour coding.

How Can Colour Measurement Be Done?

Colour quantification is possible with the use of smart devices. Using devices like spectrophotometer, the drugs in different forms like powder, syrup, tablets and capsules can be measured. Testronix’s Spectrophotometer is a device with one-touch operation and comes with touchscreen panel. The device gives quantified values of the colours. The devices compare the master with the sample and give values in L x a x b format. The values are efficiently comprehended by the colour managers and help them to prepare the colour recipes.

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