How To Test The Colors Of Detergent Powders And Liquids?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Detergents are used in textile industries as well as in homes to wash clothes. It is the best way that clean the dust from the surface of the fabrics. The compounds or small molecules of the detergents have many properties that attract the molecules of dust towards them and make the surface dust free when it is applied to the fabrics. This efficiency of the detergents is explained with the quality of the products. This makes necessary for the manufacturers of detergent products to test the quality that they offer to their clients.

Major Property of Detergents – Color

One of the major properties of the detergents that explains its quality is the color. Whether a detergent is in liquid form or in powder form, the color of the detergent explains the quality. The manufacturers of the detergents and soap products make use of highly effective detergent color measurement solution so that the quality of the detergent colors can be ensured in a best possible manner.

Color Measuring Solutions by Testronix

Testronix Instruments is the biggest name in the world of manufacturing color measurement instruments. The engineers and technocrats at Testronix are always ready to help the customers with their queries by providing detailed information about the range of color measuring instruments.

TP 20 XE – Best Testing Machines to Measure the Colors of Detergents

One of the widely used portable Detergent Color Measurement instruments offered by Testronix is TP 20XE. The testing machine is used to measure the color of detergents efficiently to ensure the quality of the products. The silicon diode sensor of the device measures the precise colors of the instrument. To know more about the testing machine, visit: If you are looking for more color measurement instruments for different applications, visit our website and check the entire range of color measurement instruments.

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