How to Determine the Color Vibrancy in Coatings?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Paints and coating are used to enhance the beauty of the products and to protect them from different external factors such as dust, air, contaminants, water, rust or corrosion. Coating provides an aesthetic look to the material on which it is applied. The appearance of the surface of the materials depends on the type of paint or coating which is applied to it. Beautiful and elegant paints and coating also help to grab the attention of the customers.

Therefore, it is essential for the manufacturers in Paint and Coating Industries to manufacture high-quality of coatings so that best appearance can be provided to the products. This can be done by measuring the quality of color which is added to the paints and coatings at every level of production with the standard. The best way to measure the color of the paints & coatings is Paint & Coating Color Measuring Instruments. Some of the methods that must be applied in the industries to evaluate the color quality of the products are mentioned below:

  • Scrutiny the Sample Visually

Visual Analysis is the common and widely used approach which is followed by the manufacturers of paint industries to evaluate the color quality of the paints and coatings. In this method, the samples from various batches are taken and measured collectively with the standard plate swatch. After evaluating the color of every individual lot with the swatch, the color intensity and quality of coatings is measured. The test method of visual evaluation is an easy process, but it does not offer accurate test results. There may be variations in the results that are measured by different users due to some factors such as vision impairment, different light conditions, etc. In order to overcome these mistakes, it is better for the manufacturers to make use of portable color measurement devices that helps to measure the colors precisely.

  • Using Paint & Coating Color Measurement Devices

Paint & coating color measurement devices are one of the best means that are utilized nowadays in all paint manufacturing industries to measure the accurate color of the product. These are user-friendly and high-quality instruments that are used to inspect the color quality of paints such as color matching cabinets, spectrophotometers, portable measuring devices and much more.

To buy high-quality of paint and coatings color measurement devices, always buy it from a reputed manufacturer who manufactures the devices keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities. For more information.

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