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Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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For a kid, colors are very pure. Red is simply a Red, Yellow is Yellow, Blue is simply Blue. But when they grow up and enter the world of graphics, colors becomes a vast subject to study. Being a graphic designer how do you choose the best color for your logo? Choosing the best shade of blue of gray is quite important as it depicts the entire brand and if the logo of the brand is very appealing and bright, it will grab the attention of thousands of customers. In fact, they are best to build your company’s brand identity.  If there are some identity issues, then your brand will suffer a lot. Today the major problem that arises with keeping the brand is, maintaining the color consistency using different available mediums. Today neither two TV screens look similar, nor two colored copy from various printers look same. But the issue does not stop here.

The dissimilarity of prints on the papers happens due to the quality of the ink used for printing or the technology of printer used to ensure that the midnight blue color of the logo is exactly a midnight blue color, the graphic department has certain guidelines and following these instructions to get best output is a complicated process. Nowadays, the best solution to maintain the color quality of everything is TP300 color measuring device.

Benefits of Using TP 300 Color Measuring Device for Logo Designs

  • Helps to measure the accurate color of the Logo
  • Provides the best appearance and appealing look to the Logo
  • Helps to build Brand’s Identity with Colorful Logo

Technical Expertise of Color Measuring Device

  • Viewing geometry of the device is 8/d.
  • Measuring aperture is diameter 8mm.
  • Photoelectric diode array sensor – silicone type for sensing actual color.


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