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    Detergent Color Measurement

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  • Color Measurement Solutions for Detergents

    From a simple mixture of silicates, ashes, and animal fats that are used by the Egyptians in Ancient times, to the modern ways of use of bleaching agents fillers, enzymes, surfactants, builders and other minor additives, the technology and expertise of detergents continuously developing with future developments that are paying attention on the products that are easy to use, more efficient and safe for the consumers and also for the environment. Testronix is dedicatedly involved in supplying the best color measurement solutions to the manufacturers of detergent industry from last so many years. Our expertise and experience in the industry has helped us a lot to fly high in the sky of success.


    Testronix offers best color measurement solutions in the detergent industry for the liquids as well as for the powdered detergents as well as for the cotton swaps that are used to test the efficiency, performance and quality of the detergent powders to the customers that attracts the customers and helps to influence the customer’s buying behavior. The color measurement instrument for the same is determined on the basis of the type of the sample.

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