How to Resolve Metamerism in Wall Paints?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Wall painting has become more technical with time. Earlier it was merely, a part of house construction plan and was done just to cover the skeletal structure. And it was repainted only when it used to fall off from the walls. But things are different today people have their choices based on scientific Vaastu researches. And they want just the exact shade they wish for. Now while selecting shades they completely forget about the lighting conditions. And also forgets that colors behave differently in different light conditions. In this blog section, we will get to know how paint color measurement instrument can resolve the issue of metamerism using color viewing booth.

For instance, a couple selects Benjamin Moore for their drawing room and after its completion, the lights they choose are dim chandeliers throwing yellow light. This results in a shade which looks entirely different than the booklet in the yellow light. It is very important for the wall painters to define their color along with lighting conditions. This is the change which required to be done in their paint booklet which they show to their customers. The interior designers or the concerned persons must test their shades in distinct lighting conditions and add those pictures by the side of the original shade. So that customers can observe the look the shade will exhibit in different light sources.

For this purpose, an accurate and precisely designed color viewing booth can be utilized. These are specially designed testing cabinets which have different lighting conditions. One can check their pain shade under the conditions provided by the instrument and can be assured for that perfect shade. Moreover, can click the images of the testing specimen and add those in the showcasing brochure for customers. So that later any client of yours don’t feel low about their own choices.

Testronix offers the best color matching cabinet, which can resolve the issue of metamerism by providing light sources such as D65 Artificial Daylight, Tungsten Filament Light, Cool White Fluorescent, UV black light and TL-84. The instrument is designed as per international testing standards and comes in three models according to the area’s lighting conditions.

Few key features are:

  • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions for accurate visual inspection
  • Wide Viewing Area fit for variable sized products
  • High-Quality Light sources used
  • Comes with 5 light sources as per CIE International Standards

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