Ensuring Color Consistency in Automobile Paint Post Accident

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Cars, or other types of vehicles are always a fantasy. And is the most selling product in the market of manufacturing. Being the most purchased object, it is also expected to be of high end quality, a quality which can be trusted all over the world. The cars are used by various industries to transport the packages and production.

The manufacturer has always under a constant pressure to improve and then comes an expectation or demand which generates the need of high end testing modes. Accidental impacts can destroy the image and shade of cars or any other vehicle. Such situations, can damage the surface coating entirely even the surface uniformity. Here comes the need of repair shops, and when the car is submitted to repair the first and foremost step is remaking the surface coating which disturbed with the impact. But how to assure that the before coating and current coating has the same shade?

Testronix brings a high-end technology with portable spectrophotometer. The device is used to test color deflection in multiple products. Considered best for complex color detection process. Works with Illumination system of 45/0 degree method. Device design and construction complies with DIN, CIE, ASTM and ISO global test standard. Equipped with an integrated sphere having Φ58 mm of size.

The instrument is equipped with various light sources including the LED. Uses a silicon photodiode array form of sensor. Has a measuring range in wavelength of up to 400 to 700 nm. 8 mm color detection aperture. High-technological base touchscreen operation using the touch-display. Pass and fail criteria can be set.

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