How to Place Specimen Accurately in Cobb Sizing Tester?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The use of cardboard, corrugated boxes, or other related materials has been increased in the packaging industry. Testing different factors of this lab testing equipment like water absorptiveness, strength, moisture absorption capacity, and other related factors needed to be tested in order to ensure quality products are delivered to the customers. One of the most effective testing equipment known as Cobb sizing tester will help in determining the amount of water absorbed by paper or board at a given period of time.

By using this amazing testing equipment, you can easily test your specimen and evaluate the Cobb value to determine the quality of paper and its related products. In this blog, we are going to discuss about Cobb sizing tester, its features, and technical specifications. We will also discuss how to place the specimen accurately for conducting a test.

What is a Cobb sizing tester and why should you use it?

The Cobb sizing tester from Testronix Testing Instruments will help you to determine the quality of the material by testing the amount of water absorbed by the sheet of paper. In the corrugated box industry, testing the boxes strength will help you to keep your material safe from external damage. Hence the quality of the material should be top-notch so as to prevent any damage. With the use of a Testronix Cobb sizing tester, you can easily test the ability of paper to resist water. This laboratory testing equipment from Testronix plays a very important role in the paper and packaging industry.

A lower Cobb value will indicate poor quality of product to be used. This means that the product can easily absorb the water and can damage product. From fiberboard, paper board, and other related materials all can easily be tested at a given time with varied climatic conditions. This testing machine is made up of stainless steel and helps to avoid any water seepage.

Features of Cobb sizing tester

This laboratory testing equipment has been equipped with several advanced features that will let you test the quality of the material. Here we have listed some of the amazing features of this lab testing equipment that makes it unique from other brands.

  • It comes with a durable structure and corrosion-resistant finish.
  • This testing instrument is lightweight and comes with a resilient structure
  • It has a rapid locking mechanism and can be operated single-handedly.
  • It has a soft rubber sealing gasket that helps to avoid water seepage.
  • It has a strong sample mounting capacity with a rugged structure.

These are some astonishing features you will get with the help of Testronix Cobb Sizing Tester. Now, let us discuss the technical specifications of the Testronix Cobb sizing tester.

Technical specifications of Cobb sizing tester

Testronix Cobb Sizing tester has been made in compliance with various industrial standards such as TAPPI – T 441 and ISO. This robust structure comes with the roller and water level indicator to make sure that you get accurate testing results. Here are the technical specifications you will get with this lab testing equipment.

  • Sample Diameter- 130 mm (approx.)
  • Depth of cylinder- 60 mm
  • Diameter of rubber pad -145 mm
  • Water level indicator in the cylinder- 10 mm and 25 mm
  • Weight of roller- 10Kg (approximate)
  • Stainless steel /mild steel body

Now, let us discuss how you can place the specimen accurately on this testing equipment.

3 easy steps to place the specimen accurately on the Cobb sizing tester

The Cobb sizing tester is amazing testing equipment that will help to enhance the quality of your paper products. This testing machine will make sure that you deliver your products without getting damaged. To place the specimen accurately, you need to first prepare the specimen. You can read about how you can easily prepare the specimen for the Cobb test.

Now, let us read about the three easy steps that you can follow in order to place the specimen accurately.

  • Invert the Cylinder by using the screw which is provided on the side of the device to unscrew the rubber pad.
  • You can unscrew the rubber pad by twisting the screw in clockwise direction.
  • Now, you can easily place the sample between cylinder and rubber pad so as to provide smooth support to the sample.

In this way, you can perform accurate placement of the testing sample and conduct the test. If you need any more assistance regarding the sample placement, or want to know the best offers for a cobb sizing tester, then give us a call at +91 9313140140 or email us at Our technical experts will assist you well regarding this testing instrument.

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