Preserve The Accuracy Of Images Through Color Calibration Of Colorimeters

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Creating clearly defined samples and maintaining the reproducible results are the two principal aspects of research in laboratories. For many researchers, using the best colorimeters and trying to keep the exact color of samples is tough. In the past, researchers use various means to retain the color quality but found many discrepancies in the colors due to the inferior qualities of color measuring devices that were used earlier. Although many people were making use of digital imaging and best means for color determinations still the previous instrument software, create many color issues.

Maintaining Colors of Printed Labels

Similarly in case of printing and labeling industries, maintaining the color of the labels is also important. Researchers try hard to keep the exact color or labels and prints consistently. Some used to color the postures online to maintain the image color and some make use of image color editing software, but even this can create issues with specimen color consistency. In real terms, keeping the original prints is a big problem. To eliminate this problem, a standard is used to maintain the original image color data. This can be done by capturing the color and maintaining the algorithm that helps to set the reminder to calibrate the color of the device to gather the best color of the printing and labeling materials.

Calibration Procedure of Colorimeters

If researchers do not calibrate the monitor or forget to calibrate the devices after capturing the images the color results for next test will not be accurate. To avoid this, colorimeters are used to measure the color measuring results from the digital device display. The algorithms of software of these color measurement devices such as TP 300 Portable device, helps to recalibrate the device as per the set industry standards. This enhances the quality of the results and ensures 100% accuracy.

Technical Expertise of TP 300 Portable Devices

  • Color Difference measurement formulae on the basis of which device works are ?E*ab, ?L*a*b, ?E*C*h.
  • Color spaces that help to measure the accurate colors are CIEL*a*b*, CIEL*a*b*C*h*.
  • Viewing geometry of the device is 8/d.
  • Photoelectric diode sensor is used in TP 300.
  • The device has the capability to take 30 measurements with high repeatability rate of ΔE*ab 0.07 in just five seconds.

Testronix offers a wide array of colorimeters that are used to measure the colors of the printing and labeling colors. The instrument provides the option to calibrate the device via means of black calibration and white calibration. To know about the calibration of Testronix devices, visit:

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