Choose Right Colorimeter for Packaging Color Measurement

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Metallic Inks and reflective surfaces are widely used for various packaging applications as customers love the appealing look. But for printers, these inks and substrates are expensive and maintaining the color of these inks is also a challenging task for the manufacturers.

To measure the colors of Packaging products, there are numerous options available to control the quality of packaging products as these are very marketable and help converters to maintain the highest possible color quality output.

Difference between diffuse/8° and 0/45°

The two types of colorimeters that are used in packaging industries are 0/45° and 0/8°, also known as traditional and spherical devices respectively. Using 0/45° device, the 0 degree indicates the angle of illumination and second angle i.e. 45 degree indicates the viewing angle of the sample. It means that the light is reflected at 45 degree from the surface of the sample that needs to be measured and 0 the viewer received the light at 0 degree which is perpendicular to the object’s surface.

On the other hand, the spherical device works on diffuse/8°. The instrument illuminates the object from all directions, and the viewer views the reflected light from the angle of 8 degree.

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