How Does Colour Measurement Helps in Branding of Your Products?

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The brand name has a psychological and emotional effect on the consumer’s buying decision. It takes years to make a reputation in the market. Companies employ a big team to carefully create value, awareness and image of the product. Good branding impacts the sale of primary and all secondary products associated with it. Colours, shapes and packings play a crucial role in stamping the image on human minds. In fact, any tweaking in the product needs to be addressed by re-branding. This washes out the previous image and make a new image in customer’s mind. It takes a good time to convince the buyer that this new image is part of their strategy and it will do only good to them.

Especially in alteration of packaging, the sales often dwindle at first and they pace up after some time. Packaging makes the first impression about the product. It is logical to put efforts for alterations that producers are doing deliberately, but what about unintentional attempts? Sometimes, due to inconsistency in the production line, the whole batch is spoiled. Either it will be rejected during the quality check or if rolled out in the market, it will be rejected by customers. Why do brand managers invest their time and money in image rectification in such cases?

The answer lies here…

Colour is the first thing attracts or repel the buyers. Quality managers often use colour measuring devices like portable spectrophotometer to keep the colour consistency throughout the production line. Companies often have strict colour specifications when it comes to branding and no discrepancy is tolerated as it may change the perception of the consumer. Therefore, color quantification is done at production level, so that it does not affect the sales and promotions.

On the other hand, the consumables packed inside these attractive packaging should have a consistent colour scheme. Take an example of tomato ketchup of some ABC brand. Same colour is being produced since years. Irrespective of the qualities of tomatoes, they manage to deliver consistent colour. Similarly, juices, cold drinks, candies, chocolates, wafers, etc. unbelievable uniformity you get to see.

Here colour measuring devices play a major role in achieving this evenness. Devices like, portable spectrophotometer, colorimeters, gloss meters etc. are in huge demand. A concrete data is presented in front of quality managers to compare the master colour with sample product. Testronix offers a wide range of colour measuring devices for those companies where colour precision is an important factor for branding.

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