How Can You Determine the True Colour of Liquids?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Before we begin, let’s talk about the exact meaning of Colorimeter

Colorimeter is a light sensitive instrument used for determining the flow & absorbance of light transmitting through a liquid sample. This instrument evaluates the concentration or intensity of colour created after introducing a particular chemical into a solution. It comes in two different variants. One is colour densitometer that measures the thickness of primary colours and the second one is colour photometers which evaluate the colour transmission and reflection.

Where it is used?

Colorimeter is used to monitor and measure the colour in foods, fabrics, paint, plastics and beverages. There are certain instruments that are used for measuring the colours used in inks of printers, photo copy and fax machines.

The instrument has many practical applications like evaluating water quality by screening different chemicals such as cyanide, iron, zinc, fluoride, hydrazine, zinc and chlorine. Moreover, we can also use it to find out the concentration of nutrients and other beneficial components found in plants.

The Working Principle

This device is based on the principle of Beer Lambert’s law. According to this law when the light is passed through a coloured solution, there is an exponential increase in the concentration of the coloured substance and it also causes a rapid decrease in the amount of transmitted light.

The instrument determines the true colour of a solution by matching it with a pre-recorded standard of a different solution.

In a standard instrument, beams of light are passed through a sample via series of high quality lenses that navigate the coloured light into a measuring device which then compares it with a pre-recorded standard. The instrument is fitted with a microprocessor that calculates the percent transmittance or absorbance. More lights will be absorbed if there is an increase in the concentration of the sample. It can be easily identified by assessing the amount of light at the beginning and after passing the sample.

From where can you purchase a Colorimeter?
Testronix is one of the most renowned manufacturers of testing instruments that offers this device to customers at budget friendly rates. The instrument is manufactured as per set quality standards to meet different colour matching requirements of various industries like textile, printing, dyeing, paint, paper and plastic. This device takes 0.4 seconds to provide accurate and stable results. Moreover, it works on a rechargeable and powerful lithium ion battery.

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