Use of Spectrophotometers in Different Industries

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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What is Spectrophotometry?

Spectrophotometry is the analysis of the reflection and Transmissive properties of the test specimen. The spectrophotometry deals with the visible light spectrum of electromagnetic waves along with the UV spectrum as well as Infrared spectrum. The instruments that are used for performing spectrophotometry are termed as photometer or spectrophotometers. The instruments are mainly used for testing the transmission and reflectance of solids and liquids with a certain level of transparency. It is also used for measuring the color of completely opaque objects. The major features that a spectrophotometer offers include the range of colors that are being transmitted through the sample along with the percentage of sample absorption and the range of logarithmic sample absorption. 

Types of Spectrophotometers

There are two different types spectrophotometers used in industries for different purposes that are single beam and double beam spectrophotometer. A single beam spectrophotometer makes a comparison between two different paths of light one has a reference sample, and other has the test sample. On the other hand, a single beam spectrophotometer measures the difference in the light intensity before and after the test sample is inserted. 


Use of Spectrophotometers in Food industry

One of the major applications of Spectrophotometers is the measuring of colors of products in the food industries. In the food industry, the instrument is used for testing the color quality of the products along with their transparency and opacity. The instrument is also used for measuring the transparency level of various drinks with different transparency levels hence serve as a perfect food color measurement solution for industries.

Testronix offers highly efficient and accurate portable spectrophotometers that are being used in many different industries for testing the color quality as well as the transparency of various materials and products. The instruments are easy to operate as well as highly accurate in the delivery of testing results.

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