How Spectrophotometers Are Used In Paint Industries?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color – Important Aspect in Paint Industry

The paint is a material that is commonly used in almost every industry and even in the domestic products. The color of a paint material is one of the most important aspects of the quality of the paint which defines its vibrancy and appearance. The Paint manufacturers must keep I mind that they should not deliver the materials to the clients and customers without checking the quality of color of the paints. With the use of proper instruments and methods, the color of the materials can easily be analyzed with the help of the instruments such as portable spectrophotometer that are highly capable of analyzing the color consistency of the test specimen with great accuracy and precision. The Paint Spectrophotometers are not only used in the color quality analysis of the paints, but they are also used for performing another analytical process for better quality assurance.

Constitution of Paint Sample

Different constituents that have been used in the manufacturing of the paint are responsible for the color of that paint. The spectrophotometers are commonly used for determining the concentration of different ingredients in the paint mixture. This is done with the help of Absorption spectrophotometry. Every constituent of a paint mixture absorbs some wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the spectrophotometers are able to work with other wavelengths such as UV-visible spectrum apart from the visible range hence, they can detect and analyze the absorption of the different wavelength of the electromagnetic waves by a given sample. In this way, the manufacturers can make sure that the ingredients used in a paint mixture are in right proportion.

Molecular structure of Paints

The molecular structure of a paint material is very much important for its quality as it decides it bond strength and type of application for that material. The spectrophotometry is one of the best ways to analyze the molecular structure of the dyes and base of the paints.

The different molecular structure has different absorption patterns at different wavelength of the test radiations. The Paint spectrophotometers are set for a particular wavelength and then the test sample is placed in the cuvette of the instrument. The detector detects the amount of radiation that has been absorbed by the molecules of the paints which gives an exact evaluation of the molecular structure of the paint materials.

Spectrophotometers for Paint Color Measurement

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