Different Colour Matching Instruments for Textile Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Textile industry deals with different types of challenges every day. And biggest of them all is working of different departments collectively to make a garment look amazing. On one hand, this sounds very fascinating.

While on the other, it becomes incredibly difficult to work with people having different working styles and mind sets. There are designers, merchandisers, dyers, manufacturers, suppliers and many other in the manufacturing chain. And this is why when it comes to colour matching, there is huge conflict. A certain level, people rely more on visual observations by getting less into technicalities and colour quantification. On the other hand, colour managers rely only on quantified colours to achieve colour consistency in the product line. This is why textile colour measurement is changing drastically.

Different Methods to Measure Colours

Testronix offers a vast array of testing instruments. This put an end to guess work. These devices are designed with accuracy, precision and self-calibration system to deliver the high performance with every test result. The most interesting fact about these products is that their usage is not restricted to textile industry only.

Portable Spectrophotometer – TP 800 and TP 810 are to models of portable spectrophotometer offered by Testronix. It’s an advanced instrument to quantify colours and comes with data storage facility. It helps a lot in comparing master with sample. It has complete touch screen control and screen splits in two parts for colour comparison.
Gloss Meter – With the growing craze of the shimmer and glossy texture, metallic clothes are making their space in the wardrobes. To fulfil the rising demands, the metallic clothes and apparels ae being designed. And achieving consistency in glossy texture is very difficult. Testronix’s Gloss meter is doing a good job to put an end to the woes of the texture matching problems. This device intends to quantify the glossiness of the surface. Usually, the gloss is measured from three different angels, 20°, 60°, 85°. The angle of measurement largely depends on the topography of the surface.

Colour Matching Cabinet – Colour Matching Cabinet very simple to use and popular device for textile colour measurement. It not only allows colour comparison, but also helps in colour analysis in different lights. It helps in determining the colour disparity occurs due to different lighting conditions. It has UV light, Artificial Daylight, White florescence light, tungsten Light and Yellow light. This analysis is now becoming important as due to difference in lighting conditions at different workplaces. To put an end to the colour matching guess work, colour matching cabinet is becoming the need of every textile industry.

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