Evaluate Liquid’s Color Properties with Portable Spectrophotometers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Liquids are used in numerous production verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, beverages, and many more. From acids to solvents, liquid chemicals can be transparent, translucent and opaque in nature. Moreover, these are manufactured using different colors and essence.  From cough syrups to medicines, these products are packed in such a manner that they are easily visible to the customers to create enticement in humans of buying that product. The nature and color of liquids explain the quality of the liquids. Also, the appealing colors of the liquids describe the flavor and taste of the products and change the customer’s buying behavior. Hence, it is necessary to measure the quality of the liquids to ensure the color quality and other essential properties of liquids.

Color – Major Property of Liquids

The major feature of the liquids that explains their quality is their color properties. The quality of the liquids can be determined through two means of quality inspection i.e. visually and by using color measurement instruments. Same time, it is true that measuring the color with a naked eye is quite difficult to measure. Hence, the process of liquids color measurement should be performed using high quality of liquid color measurement instruments. These devices help to evaluate the properties of liquid’s color effectively and accurately.

Best Solutions by Testronix for Liquid Color Measurement

Testronix offers best and most appropriate solution in the form of the color measurement device, colorimeter, portable spectrophotometers and relevant software to ensure the accurate color measurement, color consistency for every liquid sample. For more information on Liquid color measurement, visit: www.testronixinstruments.com/

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