Test the Color Quality and Lighting Effect of Automotive with Portable Color Tester

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Cars are manufactured under the strict inspection and scrutiny of key features and functions to match the exact specification requirements of each vehicle. The final product conforms to the quality, performance, and appealing design. The high quality of the car is a combination of highly reliable and high-quality parts that are consistently examined during the production process. The major property of the vehicles that explains their quality is the Color, Light effects, and appearance.

The range of portable color testers that are offered by Testronix Instruments plays a significant role in sensing the color quality, lightening effect, gloss and appearance of the products. These instruments offer highly accurate and reliable test results. The range of instruments includes portable spectrophotometer TP 800, Gloss meter, colorimeters such as TP 60 CP and many more. These testing machines are used in leading automotive manufacturing industries to test the quality of the products.

How the color quality of Automotive be detected?

Automotive testing of color effects & light can be analyzed by following the below-mentioned checklist:

  • Checking the color of license plate
  • Testing the level of transmittance of the windshield, its color quality, and clarity.
  • Maintaining the color quality of seat covers, seat belts, dashboard, steering wheel, alloy wheels, tires,
  • Adjusting the brightness, white balance, and color quality of car navigation system, cameras, switches, and display.
  • Evaluating the color quality of metallic coating
  • Color matching of bumpers and doors with rest of the body.

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