Reliable Source for Color Measurement of Liquids – Portable Spectrophotometers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Liquids products are prepared and manufactured in various production houses such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Whether it is in the form of acids or in solvents, they have different properties like transparent, opaque, translucent, etc. Also, these liquids are manufactured using different essence and colors. From cough syrups to medicines, cold drinks to sauces, these products are packed in such a manner that it can be visible to the buyers and can easily influence their buying behaviors. The color of the products plays a significant role in buying behavior of the customers as it creates an enticement to buy that product. The appealing products describe the flavor and quality of the products and grab the attention of the customers. Therefore, it is a must for the manufacturer to keep keen attention on the colors of the products to produce the best quality.

Different types of liquids

There are numerous types of liquids that we usually use in our day to day life. All these liquids are manufactured using different colors, being it is blue color of toilet cleaner, the red color of sauces, orange color of syrups, etc. Maintaining the color consistency of these products throughout the production chain is the biggest challenge. The best way to retain the color quality of these products is using highly efficient liquid color measurement devices.

  • Color measurement of Opaque Liquids

Liquids that are opaque in nature dies not allow the light to pass through it. Therefore, it would be best for the users to use the best color measurement devices as these devices are provided with the best angle to measure the color of opaque liquids i.e. 45o/0o that ensures that color of the opaque liquids will be measured appropriately.

  • Color Measurement of Translucent liquids

Translucent liquids impose a different level of translucency and require highly efficient liquid color measurement devices. For these types of liquids, reflectance type device is best to test the samples quickly.

  • Color Measurement of Transparent Liquids

These kinds of liquids allow the light to pass through them completely without any interruptions. For this kind of liquids, Portable Spectrophotometers plays a major role that allows measuring the degree of transmittance easily.

Best Range of Liquid Color Measurement

Testronix, a leading manufacturer of liquid color measurement instruments, provides the best solution in various forms that offers an excellent level of accuracy such as TP 110 precision color measurement instrument, TP 310 portable color measuring device, TP 810 spectrophotometer, TP 800 spectrophotometer and many more.

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