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Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Expressing the right colour is the most difficult task because what I am perceiving might not be perceived by another person. This does not mean any visual impairment or deficiency. This is how human perception differs. There are many factors that contribute to human perception. At the commercial level, this becomes a major problem to achieve the consistent appearance of the product. The manufacturer can rely on person’s perception of minute colour detailing. This is why colour measurement devices are employed widely. Testronix is the leading manufacturer and supplier of different instrument used for colour matching and measurement. Portable Spectrophotometer, Gloss Meter and Colour Matching Cabinets are widely used in different industries.

Portable Spectrophotometer – TP 800 and TP 810

It works on the principle of spectroscopy, according to which the luminance of light is separated according to the wavelength of the visible spectrum. The device comprises of an incident light, group of sensors that act as a detector and an aperture. The incident light made to fall on the test sample. The detector detects the colour. It comprises of a smart microprocessor-based system that converts the photoelectric signal into the human-readable format. The output is obtained in ?E, L, a, b which is used by colour managers to prepare colour recipes.

Gloss Meter – Tri-angle

Due to the texture of the surface, the gloss reflectance varies. It is very difficult to achieve uniform glossiness in different batches. The best part about Testronix’s Gloss meter is that it works from three angles, i.e. 20°, 60°, 85°. It is a portable device and very sensitive to the reflectance. The procedure is used to measure the shine, appearance and quality of the products.

Colour Matching Cabinet

This is a simple light box and provides a confined space to measure the sample under different lighting conditions. This box is used majorly to compare master with the sample. Also, to counter the effect of Metamerism, the box is used widely. It comprises of 5 light sources which replicate different lighting conditions.

If you are looking for highly sensitive and high-end colour measurement devices for your industry, contact our experts today to explore the complete range of instruments.

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