Colour Matching Solution for Packaging Industry – TP 800

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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When we talk about a brand, the first thing that strikes in our mind is its logo and colour scheme. Sometimes we even forget the name of the company and try to recall with its colour scheme. This is the power of colours in managing a brand reputation. 

 Every time a branding campaign is planned, there is a good focus on the colour selection and tricks to achieve consistency when displaying it on any platform. Bold colours like black and white are quite easy to replicate and represent emotions. On the other hand, colours like magenta, beige, lilac are difficult to manage on different platforms. The biggest challenge faced by brands is to replicate the colour scheme on packings.

Challenges Faced in Replicating Colour on Packings

The difference in the appearance of colour on different surface texture – If you are choosing a glossy surface packing, the appearance of colours might appear differently. Similarly, on corrugated fibre board or the appearance of colour varies. A lot of precision is required to replicate the colour scheme on different media. Colour managers or Brand managers often incorporate the use of efficient devices like portable spectrophotometer to remove any inconsistencies and discrepancies in the printing.

Achieving Printing Consistency – Some surfaces tend to absorb more printing colours than the others. Here, a big problem arises to set the right printing colours. Also, there is always a batch-wise discrepancy. It is really a big challenge for the print managers to keep the colour consistency up to the mark. The use of spectrophotometer is very common. This allows the colourists to match the master with the sample.

Colour fading off from the surface – When banners and packings are exposed to severe light and other environmental conditions, they tend to lose their sheen and vividness. Any loss in the appearance of the colour may reflect the ignorance of the company towards its brand reputation. Colour measuring devices are used to measure the colour loss of the packing. Considerable change in the colour appearance results in reconsideration of the printing process is required.

There are various colour measuring instruments available on the market, but their use largely depends on their ergonomic design. Testronix offers a wide range of colour measuring devices which are designed with simplicity and packed with high-end technology. Contact our experts for technical specifications of Portable Spectrophotometer.

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