Ensure Color Consistency With Highly Effective TP 800 Spectrophotometer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color Measurement devices are used to measure the color and luminance of the product. Testronix Instruments offers a broad range of color measurement devices such as Precision Color Measurement devices, Portable color measurement, Spectrophotometers, etc. These instruments are used to read the difference in color of the product using the Delta E formula i.e. L*a*b*c*h*, L*a*b*. The most popular model of color measurement devices is TP800 Spectrophotometer. Color Measurement is used for assessing the location of a color on XYZ axis of non-radioactive products. The geometry of measuring the colors with luminous can be done for all types of materials. The range of color measurement instruments are used by architects, paint manufacturers, plastic manufacturers, paper and packaging manufacturers, designers for testing colors for that are design and manufactured using various colors.

Color Measurement for Automotive Industry

Automotive Products are the most important mobility Product. The design, function and color play a significant role to explain the quality and appearance of the product that grabs the attention of the customers to buy that product. The automotive products are the complete mixture of paper, wood, ceramics, and plastics. There is a group of suppliers that offer different parts that help to assemble automotive products. But it is necessary for the manufacturer in automotive industries to maintain the color harmony of all parts of a product. To have the best correlation between the measurements in all locations in the world, all suppliers that are involved in the automotive parts production chain need to use the same type of color to maintain the color quality of the product. This can be done nowadays efficiently with the help of Spectrophotometer.

Color Measurement for Textile Industry

The design of the fabric depends on fashion trends and customer’s demand. The color is a key factor in the textile industry. Based on the type of fabrics and manufacturing procedure, it is tough to explain the color quality. Testronix Instruments offer a broad range of color measuring devices meter that can add strength to each and every part of textile chain and production. This kind of measurements can be done, and perfections can be attained only when the color of base material matched with the roll of fabrics.

Color Measurement for Plastic Industry

Plastic products nowadays come up to replace metals. But maintaining the color quality of plastics is tough. After understanding the need for color measurement and maintenance, Testronix Instruments offer a broad range of Color Measurement Instruments.

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