Color Analysis of Glass Cleaners Ensures Quality

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color assessment in production of glass cleaner plays an important role. As variation in the color of the solution can make the customer get worried about the quality of the product. The Spectrophotometer based study with Portable spectrophotometer on glass cleaner color quality can assure the right proportion of the solution. By keeping a check on the color of the product, you can ensure the quality improvement and earn customer’s trust for the brand.

The Light blue color of the product, is quite recognizable while a customer is seeking for the product. The color is not originated from its ingredients but is the result of dye addition. This dye color is sensitive to quantity and the reaction it makes with the glass cleaner solution. The dye intensity is maintained at a particular color level and the hue should be exactly same throughout the production line.

Spectral analysis using the transmission test mode can detect the color variation in the chemical solution and can even quantify the difference. As the specimen is translucent in nature, it allows a clear vision for detection of color variation. Using advanced mode of 45/0 optical measurement, the device can determine the difference and even can compare results with master standard.

The device comes with innovative new features for user comfort. This include a large area touch screen display for operations and manging the test parameters. The wavelength range it offers starts from 400 to 700 nm. Having a 8mm long aperture for a wide spread detection.

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