Measure The Whiteness Of Papers With Portable Color Matching Device

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Customers demand bright and white papers as it gives the vibrant appearance to the printed or written text also give a clear feeling. Papers are manufactured using the pulps of fibers by compressing them to a great extent and hence the natural color of the paper is natural yellow. But with the increasing demand of only white paper, manufacturers are focusing on producing white papers as it gives a cleaner feeling. This is done by adding the OBA i.e. optimal brightener agents in the fiber pulp. This chemical is used artificially to enhance the level of whiteness in the papers.

Working of OBA agents

The chemical ingredient OBA absorbs the energy from the Ultra Violet region of the paper and emits Ultraviolet energy back into the blue area of a spectral wavelength which enhances the level of whiteness immediately. If you have ever noticed, you may have observed that the white color usually have a bluish tint.

Economical Alternative of OBS Agent – TP 300 Portable Color Matching

OBA is a very expensive chemical agent which can’t be afforded by everyone easily. On the other hand, the economical mode of measuring the whiteness of the paper is making use of Testronix’s Color Measurement Instruments.  Color measurement instrument such as TP 300 Portable Color Matching is the best and most affordable testing device which has the capacity to measure the color from the UV region of the paper. The instrument is designed to meet the testing requirement in Paper and Pulp Industries and efficiently satisfies the color matching requirements as per various standards such as ISO, TAPPI, ASTM and many more which ensures the fast measurement and adjustments of bluish tint and whiteness of the papers.

Technical Specifications of TP 300

TP 300 is the best color measuring instrument which is designed with thousands of technologies that make the device completely efficient and error free.

  • The instrument has a multi-channel color sensor of international brands and comprises of highly stable integrated circuit platform that provides fast color measurement results and measures the colors more appropriately.
  • The instrument is designed with the measuring aperture of diameter 8mm and makes use of 8/d illuminating or viewing geometry to see the samples.
  • The color spaces on which the instrument work are CIEL*a*b*c*h*, CIE L*a*b* which ensure the best accuracy of the colors.
  • LED D65 artificial daylight is used to illuminate the samples to provide blue light excitation of the sample.
  • The instrument can store maximum 20000 sample results.

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