Benefits of Using a Portable Spectrophotometer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Whether you are performing color quality control from a small lab or aspire to improve your overall color quality control protocol, you may consider using a portable spectrophotometer. Instruments that have a smaller footprint are the perfect solution for cramped lab spaces. Besides occupying less space, portable spectrophotometers offer a number of other benefits such as increased longevity, accuracy, and flexibility over time. By integrating a portable spectrophotometer into your color measurement process, you could create a more efficient lab environment and streamline your color quality control procedure. Thus, it allows you to make the most out of limited lab space while ensuring that your products are consistent in both color and haze.

Recreation of a specific color is a necessity that transcends industries. The purpose is not only aesthetic but also functional, because color plays a significant role in how consumers perceive and use your products. Unfortunately, this could also be a potential failure point, as even minor errors in the color matching process can have a significant impact on how products are viewed and perceived. Hence, spectrophotometric color measurement at critical points of product development, production, and post-production is essential in ensuring that each product looks the way you want it to.

Quality Control Spot Checks

A portable spectrophotometer can be effectively used for quality control spot checks. These are completed by analyzing samples taken at various points in the production process either when issues are identified or as a proactive measure, based on the manufacturer’s protocols.

On-site Testing

Further, it can also be used for on-site testing. This is often done to measure color in situations where color may be altered during transportation to a lab. In addition, items that must be produced on-site, such as site-mixed cement, need to be measured for color accuracy.

Checking Stored Items

When a company chooses to produce buffer stock for future orders, stored items may need to be checked periodically to verify continued viability. Color measurement can be a critical component of this process, particularly for products that have high potential for color change, such as paper goods.

Thus, portable spectrophotometers offer the following benefits:

  1. For many manufacturers, portable spectrophotometers are an attractive alternative to lab-based QC spot checks and production line testing.
  2. They minimize or even eliminate reliance on benchtop instrumentation. So portable spectrophotometers limit waste in the production process and help in improving overall efficiency.
  3. Moreover, portable spectrophotometers can be used in virtually any environment. This makes them suitable for not only analysis within the premises or lab, but provides the ability to obtain accurate color information in storage environments and in the field.
  4. This extraordinary flexibility makes them an invaluable addition to color quality control strategies, whether used alone or in concert with other spectrophotometric instruments.

Testronix 800 portable spectrophotometer gives users the ability to accurately, precisely, and easily capture color data in virtually any environment. It allows manufacturers to decrease reliance on benchtop instruments and implement more robust color quality control systems.

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