Analyse the Durability of Corrugated Boxes against Impacts with the Drop Tester

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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There are numerous challenges that are faced by corrugated boxes during storage & transit measures which make the jobs of shipment operators tougher and also urge manufacturers of these packaging products to elevate the quality of the product being packed inside.

Manufacturers of the packaging industry adhere to the guidelines of designated standards to achieve a certain level of quality and make sure that the corrugated boxes are durable enough to withstand impacts from free falls during storage measures. These free falls can occur due to rough handling or unskilled labour stacking corrugated boxes which can lead to fatal injuries as well as hefty losses to the manufacturer in case of damage to the product.

There are several other factors that hamper the quality of a corrugated box but the maximum damage experienced by the product inside the specimen is during free-falls. It is the foremost duty of manufacturers to make sure that the corrugated boxes designed are absolutely top-notch and can easily withstand such impacts without any hassle.

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The finest lab testing instrument manufacturer - Testronix has designed a top-notch lab testing instrument called the Drop Tester Motorized that imitates real-life drops experienced by corrugated boxes during stacking, storage & transportation of products from one place to another.

The drop tester is designed with utmost precision to assess & evaluate the change in physical properties that occur due to drops from certain heights. The working process of the drop strength tester is highly ergonomic and easy to use to assist the operator of the instrument to get familiar with the machinery and equipment for a quick testing process.

Working Process of the Drop Tester Motorized

To perform drop testing, an operator must take care of all the necessary steps and ensure that the steps are taken in the right way to achieve highly accurate as well as precision-based test results.

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  • To conduct drop testing, the first & foremost step is to place the corrugated box on the twin-flap door of the instrument.

drop testing machine

  • The operator must make sure that the twin-door mechanism of the instrument is perfectly closed and does not require any additional support.
  • The operator can now adjust the height of the instrument as per the requirement of the designated standards. The instrument can be adjusted at different heights i.e. 750 mm (minimum) & 1800 mm.

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  • After adjusting the height of the instrument the operator can also select the position of the specimen with the help of the specimen adjustment holder associated with the top bar of the instrument. The operator can adjust the specimen into three different positions i.e. edge facing, corner facing & surface facing.

drop test machine

  • The three different drop adjustments allow the operator to evaluate free falls from all ends without any hassle and achieve high levels of accuracy in avoiding discrepancies in the corrugated box.
  • After the adjustment is made, the operator can either use the brake pedal or the remote button to release the lock of the twin-flap platform on which the specimen is placed.

drop testing

  • On releasing the platform, the specimen drops down on the floor as per the requirement i.e. in either of the three testing modules undertaken. The operator can now assess the uncertainties, deformations, and dents that took place due to the fall experienced by the sample.

This is how the drop testing machine performs the test and determines the impact resistance of corrugated boxes when they experience free falls during transit or storage measures.

Drop Testing Machine is offered with such amazing and top-quality working modules that it has captured the attention of each & every manufacturer from the packaging industry.

The lab testing machine is equipped with specifications that comply with all the necessary standard guidelines to enhance the quality of testing and ensure a much more seamless testing experience.

Specifications of the Drop Tester Motorized

  • The door of the instrument is adjusted as twin-flap doors with a pneumatic mechanism that allows the instrument to function with finesse.
  • The size of the base of the instrument that accommodates the freefalls of the corrugated box is 950 mm x 600 mm.
  • The drop testing equipment offers a triple sample positioning for variable testing measures to be undertaken with absolute ease, the three different positions are the corner drop test, edge drop test & face drop test.
  • The instrument performs free falls from variable heights that range between 750 mm & 1800n mm.
  • Although the standard size of the box that can be tested is adjusted at 445 mm X 500 mm X 465 mm. However, the operator of the bursting test equipment is also offered with variably sized platforms as per the request and size of the corrugated box being tested.
  • The instrument is offered with a highly advanced testing mechanism backed with a robust build with mild steel that is covered with powder paint for anti-corrosive properties.

With all these specifications intact, the lab testing instrument precisely caters to operators & manufacturers across the globe with standard compliances and helps them achieve highly accurate test results over & over again. The ergonomic body structure along with robust construction also enhances the testing experience of the operator and ensures a sense of security among manufacturers prevailing from various industries.

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