Marble / Floor Tiles Testing Instruments

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Quality control is an essential part of any manufacturing process. To ensure that products meet high standards, manufacturers need to test materials and parts for a variety of properties.

There are a number of different marble / floor tiles testing instruments that can be used to assess the quality of these materials – such as drop tester, bursting strength tester and vibration table are all important for quality control. Drop tester is used to test the impact resistance of the finished product. Bursting strength tester is used to determine the compressive strength of the raw material. Gloss meter is used to measure the surface finish of the product. Vibration table is used to test the product's resistance to vibration. By testing for these properties, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet high standards of quality.

Besides, the Drop tester, Bursting strength tester and Gloss meter, there are other important for quality control of marble and floor tiles. As mentioned earlier, the Drop tester is used to drop a heavy weight on the tile to test its durability. bursting strength tester is used to test the strength of the tile by applying pressure to it. Gloss meter is used to measure the amount of light that is reflected off the surface of the tile. Vibration table is used to test the resistance of the tile to vibration. These tests are important because they help to ensure that the products meet high standards. Without these tests, it would be difficult to know if the products are of good quality. Therefore, these tests are essential for quality control.


  • Spectrophotometer TP-3100

Quality control testing of wood and laminates is essential to ensure that these materials meet the required standards. The Spectrophotometer TP-3100 is a laminate Testing Instruments specifically designed for this purpose.

It can accurately measure the thickness of laminates, as well as their colour, gloss and opacity. This information is essential for quality control purposes, as it allows manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the required specifications. In addition, the TP-3100 can also be used to test the surface roughness of laminates. This is important for ensuring that the finished product will have a smooth surface finish. Overall, the Spectrophotometer TP-3100 is an essential piece of equipment for any quality control testing program for marble / floor tiles testing instruments.


  • Color Matching Cabinet is used to maintain colour consistency of marble and floor tiles. Colour Matching Cabinet is based on the assessment and evaluation of color of the sample under different light sources, namely - filament light, ultra violet light, artificial daylight, and tube light TL 84 (which is also known as tri-phosphor fluorescent light).


  • Bursting Strength Tester is used for the evaluation of the bursting strength or bursting factor of flooring material under uniform load application.


  • Drop Tester – This instrument is used for evaluation of sample under test by free fall method. During the test the sample is aligned in an accurate manner so that it can be dropped from certain heights, in a free fall. The sample is allowed to drop on a flat surface in a free fall.


The flat surface of the Drop Tester is hard, usually made of steel or concrete. The break resistance of the material is then, recorded.


Quality Control Testing Instruments are essential for any business.

Testronix Testing Instruments provide you with accurate results so you can be confident in the quality of your products. Use our instruments to ensure your products meet the highest standards for safety and quality.

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