Why packaging manufacturers should conduct scuff test on printed labels?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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As a packaging manufacturer, you know that printed labels are an essential component of your product's branding and marketing. However, have you considered the importance of scuff testing for these labels? A scuffed label can ruin your product's appearance and reputation, but with proper testing measures in place, you can ensure that your labels remain unblemished and attractive to consumers. We at Testronix Testing Instruments, offer you one of the highest quality laboratory testing equipment known as a scuff resistance tester.

This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that is used to test the scuff resistance of printed materials when rubbed against each other. Here we will discuss the importance of conducting scuff resistance tests on printed labels and how Testronix scuff tester is helpful in conducting a scuff test on the materials. So, let us get started!

Test the scuff resistance of printed labels with the Testronix scuff resistance tester     

The extensive use of printed labels is prevalent in the packaging industry due to their ability to display essential product information and maintain visibility throughout the delivery process. Consequently, it becomes crucial to easily assess the scuff resistance of printed materials. The Testronix scuff-resistance testing instrument proves to be highly valuable in effortlessly testing the rub resistance of plastic films.

This high-quality lab testing equipment from Testronix is manufactured as per ASTM F2497-05 & BS 3110:1959 testing standards. This will ensure accuracy in test results. It comes with a motorized weight arrangement of samples that makes it easy for the manufacturers to conduct scuff resistance tests on the materials.

 This high-quality lab testing equipment also comes with a digital timer that will provide you with high-quality and accurate lab testing results. Thus, with the use of Testronix scuff testing instrument, manufacturers should test the scuff resistance of the materials and ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers. This quality testing equipment is widely used in the paper & packaging industry. You can easily view other paper & packaging testing instruments that will serve to be useful in your packaging industry.

Now, let us discuss the importance of conducting scuff resistance tests on printed labels.

Importance of conducting scuff resistance test on printed labels

Conducting scuff resistance tests on printed labels is of utmost importance in the packaging industry. Printed labels serve as the primary means of communicating crucial product information to consumers, ensuring brand recognition, and providing regulatory compliance details. However, during the handling, transportation, and storage of packaged products, labels are susceptible to abrasion, rubbing, and scuffing.

By conducting scuff resistance tests, manufacturers can evaluate the durability and longevity of printed labels, ensuring that they remain legible and intact during rough handling. This testing helps in identifying the optimal materials, coatings, and printing techniques that can withstand the rigours of handling and transportation, thereby enhancing the overall quality and appearance of the product.

 Moreover, reliable scuff resistance testing ensures that the labels maintain their aesthetic appeal and readability, reinforcing brand integrity and consumer confidence. Ultimately, conducting scuff resistance tests on printed labels enables manufacturers to deliver products with confidence. We offer the best quality scuff resistance tester for the packaging industry.

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