Best Quality Of Scuff Resistance Tester For Packaging Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The packaging quality says a lot about the product. It is the first idea that falls on the cover of any product. Now that is the space where the highest amount of attention can be taken. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the quality of the packaging cover. Starting from printed data and color and design, everything is very important. In this blog section we will find out about scuff resistance Tester and its role in solving packaging quality issues.

To test the performance of the label you have limited time ,that is why accelerated tests are performed. To judge the behaviour of scuffing, a scufff-resistant testing Instrument is used. It places a test sample in ongoing conflict and the results are clearly visible. It captures the behaviour of the film printed say after 500 exchanges.
Just set the rotation value, the machine will complete the test in a few minutes. This test conveys the effect of a conflict in the test template.

Testronix Scuff Resistance Tester : 

The scuff resistance tester is a very accurate tool for testing rub resistance between two stickers or another common printed object. The word scuff means a rubbing of two things with each other.
The Testronix scuff tester rubs two printed objects individually, each face to face in the same plane at a continuous speed and standard load pressure ( Normally 2 Psi but can be altered if required).
This Instrument can also be used to prevent the transfer of color from one printed item to another or to any wearable parts during massage.

With the use of Testronix scuff resistant Tester , manufacturers can be confident about the product . At Testronix we offer the best quality at the lowest prices.

Testronix scuff resistance tester follows industry standards: 

  • ASTM F2497-05
  • BS 3110:1959 

Features of the Product : 

  • Very accurate test results
  • Provision of digital statistics set with Digital Preset Counter
  • Hold tight to the test sample
  • Digital timer
  • Very accurate and precise results under the same load as rubbing the movement of the clamp
  • Accurate rpm for high rotating discs

Highlight of the Product:

  • Digital Display (LED)
  • Sample preparation templates 3 samples
  • Dimensions 420x550x680 mm

Functions of the Product: 

It is a motor assembly and has a plunger setting for placing two facing samples. The arrangement of the machine is accompanied by a rotating motion. Due to the continuous rubbing of the samples, eruptions begin to occur. The exchange rate is set using a pre-set calculator. When the test is over, samples are taken out for evaluation. Based on the test results, additional steps are planned.

Testronix Scuff Resistance Tester is widely used in many Industries, some of the applications/industries are : 

1.    Packaging Label 
2.    Ink & Printing 
3.    Multilayer Films
4.    Flexible Packaging 
5.    Packed Food Industry 
6.    Printing 

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