Use of High-End Spectral Technology For Quality Assurance Of Pharmaceutical Products

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Pain relieving drugs are very common nowadays and have made our life a lot much better. Today, we have such medicines that can help in blocking some of the pain receptors and relieve the pain effectively. Although, if the formulation of these drugs is not accurate then it can be very dangerous to the human body causing severe damage inside the body and even death. It is important to analyze the composition of these pain relieving drugs and this can be done effectively with the help of proper pharmaceutical measurement instruments. These devices are used for accurate analysis of the quality and composition of these pain relieving drugs with the help of procedures like spectrophotometry.

The qualitative analysis of the organic compounds in the pain-relieving drugs can be easily performed with the aid of an accurate spectrophotometer. In a spectrophotometer, the visible region of the ultraviolet light is analyzed which provides relevant info about the ingredients and their concentration in the drug. This helps in detecting the levels of active ingredients and also helps in detecting any impurities in the products.

When a drug is formulated, then there are several steps involved in the process. There are different active ingredients that must be added in the right proportion to ensure the correct dosage of the medication. The spectrophotometry helps to detect the right amount of active ingredients that are being included in a particular drug which eventually helps in providing correct dosage to the patients.

Testronix is a high-quality color measurement Instruments that have been widely used in the pharmaceutical sector for various quality analysis through color quality assessment of the products. Along with accurate results, the easy operation of the devices offered by Testronix makes them the best option for the quality analysis of the products in the pharmaceutical sector.

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