Role of Colors in Pharmaceutical Products

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The effect of a medicine on human body is very much influenced by the way human mind works and the scientific studies suggest that the color of medicines has a deep effect on the mind of the patients. This is why most of the pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune on researching so much on the colors of their products. The products that have best color quality, accurate color spaces and intensity, will be able to yield better results in patients.


Color – Major Factor of Medicines

The color of the medicine is a major fact that affects the usage and effect of the medications given for different ailments.­­­­ one of the first major benefits of colored medications is that it helps in the easy recognition of medicines and distinguish them from the other ones. This is beneficial for the elderly patients who find it hard to take medication according to the prescription as they are not able to find the right medicine.


Benefits of Color Coding in Medicines

The major benefit of the color coding of the medicines is fast results. Studies have suggested that when a medicine color corresponds to its desired results, the patients respond faster to such medicines. For example, Blue color is for calm and hence a medicine for depression in blue color will tend to affect faster as compared to a medicines in another color.


For best results, it is also essential that the color of the medicine is of right consistency and level. This can be ensured with the assistance of the Pharmaceutical Color Measurement devices.  These instruments can help the pharmaceutical manufacturers in ensuring an accurate amount of the color included in the medicines for better and faster results.

Color Measurement Device Used in Pharma Industries

Testronix Instruments is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of color measurement instruments in the pharmaceutical sector for the enhancement of color quality as well as to maintain it easily. The easy to use and highly accurate instruments offered by Testronix allow the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products to give the best color quality in the product that are delivered to the customers for better results.

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