Use Color Viewing Booths for Ensuring Logo Color

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Our day to day life is surrounded by brands. Phone brands, food brands, clothing brands and what not. Why we are so obsessed with them? Well the answer can be many but will only direct you to that one word – Quality. A brand which deliver best quality over the time is preferred and remembered by many whether it’s a food or a cloth. But what makes the consumer get convinced to purchase a particular brand? The logo.

If you push your mind a little you will find that whatever you have purchased in your life belongs to some or other brand and when you think of that name, the first image you get in your mind is the color pattern of their logo. For instance, if someone asks you which burger have you liked the most and you will automatically see the same color pattern in your mind which belongs to that brand logo.

Therefore, you see how important logos and their color are to the manufacturer. It is not only important to deliver quality products under a brand name but also conduct quality assessment of printed logos. That can be done using the color viewing booth. The color matching cabinet can tell the operator is the test specimen looks same on different lighting conditions.

May be a test sample which looks white, is appearing to be pale yellow under other lighting condition. Keeping these things in mind, later after inspection the manufacturers can set a color pattern which looks the same on any light conditions.

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