Give Your Customers With Best Quality Of Color Pallets With Color Viewing Booth

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color pallets are widely used in different industries to match the color of various products with a reference standard. The color of the pellets is used as the reference standard, and it makes easier for the manufacturers to match the colors with the pallets chosen as the reference. As the color pallets are used for color matching of different products and materials all over the globe, it is essential for the manufacturers of the color pallets to maintain the consistency of the color pallets provided to the industries.  The color consistency of the color pellets can be easily ensured with the help of color viewing booth.

Testronix offers highly efficient color viewing booths that are used in industries for matching the color pallets in industries. With the help of this testing device, it becomes very easy to observe any variation in the color and appearance of the pallets and the manufacturers can ensure that only the perfectly matching pallets are delivered to the customers. This helps in maintaining the color consistency throughout the industries where color matching is done.

Key Features Of Testronix Color Viewing Both

  1. The instrument is best for matching the colors of samples under different lighting conditions.
  2. There are different switches incorporated in the instrument that help in operating the instrument with one or more light together.
  3. The material that is used for manufacturing the instrument is corrosion resistant and gives the instrument a stable performance.
  4. There is a set of six lights sources provided with the instrument that is D65, TFL, TL 84, CFL, INCAA, UV black light that allows the users to match the products in every possible lighting condition.

With the help of the color viewing booth offered by Testronix, helps the manufacturers of color pallets to perform the color pallet testing with great accuracy and ensure the best quality of products delivered to the customers.

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